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Epsilon Loyalty Index - Australia 2022 report

Apparel Retail

Given the high role of Share of Mind, novelty is important in this category. Are brands doing enough to regularly convey 'newness' to consumers?

Beauty Retail

Share of Heart cannot be ignored. 17% of behavioral loyalty derives from ‘enjoyable experiences.’ Brands can experiment with ‘touch and feel’ experiences like free facials and beauty tutorials.

Grocery Retail

Consumers are not all value-focused, like we imagine! Interestingly, Share of Heart plays a role. and consumers like to have their needs understood.

Consumer Banking Retail

Despite consumers tending to stick to one brand for life, Share of Heart contributes 20% to overall behavioral loyalty, giving new brands the window to increase loyalty via emotional engagement.

Best-selling marketing consultant, Roy H Williams says “The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.” Epsilon Loyalty Index empowers brands to know the diverse world of consumer drivers, measure themselves against them, and keep raising their loyalty game.

Partner with Epsilon to leverage over 50 years of loyalty expertise, and the most recent insights from Australia to strengthen your loyalty marketing.

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