A holistic benchmark that integrates
3 facets of true customer loyalty

In a shifting market, how do you know what really drives consumers? Epsilon Loyalty Index is your lodestar to measure true customer loyalty. An objective, accurate benchmark, it lets you uncover hidden drivers that matter to your consumers, assess your brand against the best in the category, and strengthen differentiation.

The science behind the standard

Combines statistics and machine learning to correlate loyalty drivers, attitudes & behavior
Empirically proves the impact of attitudinal loyalty on behavioral loyalty
Offers ONE category index that brands can measure against to know strengths and improvement areas

2001 Consumers

4 Categories

Apparel | Beauty | Grocery | Banking

40 Brands

Management guru Peter Drucker is quoted as saying, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Epsilon Loyalty Index empowers brands to measure customer loyalty against a user-centric benchmark and manage loyalty more empirically and competitively.

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